1 Month Old

Well, sweet little Penelope, words can not even describe how amazingly wonderful and exciting life has been with you here!  You sure have kept us on our toes and it has been the most beautiful adventure with you.

You give the best snuggles!  The way you curl up and make little cooing noises just makes my heart melt.  I hope you never stop loving a good snuggle session.  Having daytime snuggles on my chest are short lived these days compared to the first few weeks – you have become quite active!  You just want to pick up your head and move around, no time for sitting still.  The night times are my favorite though.  You still give in to them after your feedings and I soak up every single moment of cuddle time with you.  Speaking of sleep/feeding at night, you’re a champ at this!  We’ve been lucky that you’re such a good eater.  Feedings last for an average of 12 minutes.  We’ll usually put you down for the night at around 11pm.  After I feed and burp you, you go right to sleep.  You sleep an average of 2-3 hours in between feedings, which is great.  Way to go, girlfriend!  If you’re staring at us and we move from side to side, your eyes will follow us.  I’d say you can see almost 2 feet away at this point.
There certainly have been some tough times within these wonderful weeks.  At around week 3, gas/discomfort had become an issue for you.  You grunt and flail your arms and legs like crazy as you try to push something out.  It would sometimes take you hours to get something out.  It’s so tough to watch and not be able to help you.  We’ll peddle your legs and rub circles on your belly, to do all we can.  It seems to help sometimes.  Week 4 was the toughest week for me with you.  There were days where you would just cry and cry all day.  Sometimes, you’d get a few 1/2 hour naps in, but that’s about it.  Nothing could comfort you and it was so challenging for me.  It’s not easy for this mama to watch her little one scream and not be able to help.  We had days of crying together.  It’s hard for me to not feel like I’m failing when nothing seems to work.  We aren’t sure if it’s gas or just some other feelings of discomfort, but you struggled.  I just keep trying to remind myself that it’s just a stage, and it will pass.
  -Bath time: We put you in and you pretty much immediately relax.
  -Hearing Daddy’s voice: Ohh how this warms my heart.  As soon as you hear his voice your eyes get brighter and you turn your head toward where you heard him.  Daddy is in trouble, you have him wrapped around your finger.
  -Ergo: You love being snug up against us.  The Ergo carrier has been great for getting you around outside (you still use the newborn insert).  You stay so warm in there and you fall right asleep.  It’s my go-to for when we take Adel out for a walk.  The Boba wrap is great too, but we’ll probably use that more when it’s warmer outside.
  -Eating: As mentioned before, you love to eat!  I haven’t started pumping yet, but likely will soon.  Hopefully you’ll take the bottle as well as you do the boob.  Daddy and I will enjoy a celebratory fancy dinner date in your honor soon.  Your grandparents would love to babysit soon!  I’m not sure that I’m ready to give up any moment with you yet though 🙂
  -Vacuum: The loud, white noise of it is your favorite.  It helps to calm you down.  I may have just broken it though so I’m going to need to look into that, STAT.  We also use the white noise machine in our room at night for you.
  -A gassy tummy
  -Bed time: In weeks 3 and 4, you were most fussy/uncomfortable at dinner time until around 11 or 12pm.
  -Getting strapped into the car seat
  -Belly button stub fell out (Jan. 16)
  -Found your thumb (Jan. 23)
  -Jan 10: 7lbs, 10oz/20in
  -Jan 22: 8lbs, 7.8oz/20.75in
  -Feb 11: 9lbs, 15oz/21.75in/85th percentile for weight and length
photo dump

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