2 Months Old

It’s only been 2 months and we already can’t remember life before you.  You bring so much love and joy into our lives and we love you like crazy, little one.  In the past few weeks we have seen some really dramatic changes in you!  Your face is filling out so it doesn’t look as puffy (please don’t lose those squishy cheeks though!) and you’ve grown almost an inch from last month.  And that personality is really starting to shine through!  You give so many smiles (Daddy got the first one and continues to still get the best ones) and are much more alert when you’re awake.

Week 5 was much better than weeks 3 and 4 (when we had hours upon hours of crying).  Thank goodness!  I think we all needed a break from that.  As hard as it is, I try to remember that you’re just a baby and it’s totally fine if you cry.  Everything is still so underdeveloped, of course your life won’t be easy all the time.  I find myself saying this often: It’s just a stage, it will end.
At around 6 weeks I finally began to feel like I kinda know what I’m doing and what signs to look out for from you.  Naps during the day were tough in the beginning of the month. You just wanted to sleep on my chest.  I’d try getting you down in your bassinet but you’d wake yourself up after 5 minutes and not be happy.  The last few weeks were so much better though.  Sometimes I’ll lay a swaddle blanket over the bassinet to eliminate any distractions/light.  Some nights you’ll be gassy for a while and not go down easily.  On the flip side though, there were a few nights where once you got to bed, you’d give your mama 6 or 7 hours, then feed, and sleep for another 3 or 4.  By week 7, this was an average night for you.  You even ended up sleeping through the night a few times!  Woo!
Feeding is still great.  You’re just such a good eater.  You can even hold your head up on your own pretty well when I burp you on my leg.  You’ve taken the bottle quite a few times too.
-Changing pad
-Bath time
-Sleeping in in the morning
-Touching my skin with your fingers while you feed
-Reaching out to grab fingers (week 6)
-Car seat: Same as last month, hate being strapped in.  You also won’t usually nap on walks.
-Hiccups: Man, you usually get these at least once a day!  They’re the worst.
-Close fitting winter hats:  I know.  What??  You have decided that you really don’t like any hat that fits close to your head.  If it’s a loose hat though, it’s fine.
-Smiled at Daddy (Feb. 14th)
22.5inches tall, 52th percentile
11 lb 1.5oz, 44th percentile
photo dump

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