3 Months Old


3 months!  You’re not so little anymore and you love to smile!  And ohhh that smile.  It’s just the best.  You light up the room with that smile and it instantly brightens my day all the time.  Daddy and I love going in to your room to get your from your nap because you’re always so happy!  As soon as we peer over your crib, you give us constant big smiles that just melt our hearts.

  I’m back at work after 12 glorious, fun-filled weeks with you.  This is such a bittersweet time for me.  While I’m enjoying being back at work and the company of my coworkers, it’s so hard to not see you all day.  Instead, you’re home having fun with Nonna & Nana.  You’re in such great hands little one, you’re a very lucky girl.  On Fridays, I get to work from home which is amazing.  Cheers to having an extra day with y-o-u!
You’re still such an amazing sleeper.  You’re ready for bed at ~8:30/9pm and will wake up to feed at ~7am.  Right after you feed, I put you right back in your crib and you’ll sleep until 11:30am.  The first few weeks of this month, you were always trying to refuse your nap after 5pm.  I’d have to be sneaky about it and take you out for a walk with Adel so that you could catch some ZzzZzz’s.  That quickly went out of style though and you’re back to taking naps about every 1.5 hours.
When you aren’t sleeping, girl, do you love to chow.  You’re eating about every 2-2.5 hrs and you’ve been taking the bottle like a champ for your grandmothers (4-5oz bottles).
  You recently found your mobile and you just adore those sweet little hanging, singing animals.  We’ll turn it on and you stare at it in awe and often make little noises. Whenever you’re happy in your crib you do these crazy little leg lifts.  Building those abs at an early age!
  This month we took you on your first plane ride!  Mommy and daddy love going out west to go skiing every year so we decided to take you with us.  We went to Colorado with the Bardaro family and Nonna.  You were just the best on the plane.  The flight from BOS to DEN was @ 7am which could not have worked out any better.  You slept the entire time.  Coming home, you woke up for a little bit but you were still so great.  Nonna got to watch the snow fall from the house all day and hang out with you while the rest of us skied.  Not too shabby!
  Unfortunately, what came with that flight was a nasty little cold for you 😦 .  You never got a fever, thank goodness, but you had a terrible cough and congestion for almost 2 weeks.  And then, you gave it to your mama…
Being naked
Striped zebra
Doing leg lifts in the crib
-night time
photo dump

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