4 Months Old

4 months old and so much has happened in this one short month!  Your smiles continue to be constant and infectious.  I would do anything for that smile!  On top of that, you love to chat.  When we talk to you, you are so interested in what we’re saying and talk right back to us.  You are soaking everything in like a sponge and it’s so much fun to watch you learn and grow!

Still, girlfriend, you love to eat!  During the day, you get 4-5oz from the bottle 2-3 times.  You’re eating about every 2-2.5hours.  I feed you at around 6:15am, before I go to work, and then you start your bottles at around 11:30am (or whenever you finally decide to grace your grandmas with your presence).  I’m pumping 3-4 times while at work.  I’ll get home by 5pm and continue with breastfeeding.
You love to eat and sleep?!  Man, a perfect blend of your mama and daddy!  We put you down for bed between 8-8:30pm.  Sometimes, you’ll need a few more ounces of milk from the bottle if I’m not able to give you as much as you need from the boob, but you’ll go to sleep once your full.  Once you go down, you’ll sleep until I wake you up at around 6:15am to feed before I go to work.  After that feeding, you just want to go right back to sleep.  From there, you’ll wake up at around 11:30am.  Naps after that happen at around 2:30pm and then 5pm (about 1.5-2hrs long).
Most recently, you are giving off high pitch squeals and I just love to hear you finding your sweet little voice!  And speaking of squeals?  YOU LAUGHED!  For quite a while now you’ve been giving us big “silent laughs”: mouth wide open, grin from ear to ear.  It was Mother’s Day, May 8th.  We had gotten back from a delicious brunch with family and enjoying some quiet time at home.  Daddy started vacuuming and I was kissing you, obnoxiously, like usual.  I heard a sudden burst of laughter and immediately told daddy to turn off the vacuum.  I repeated the kisses, and the sweetest sound that we’ve ever heard came out of you.  Full on body giggles that had us laughing back and brought tears down your mamma’s cheeks.  The sound was even better than we ever could have imagined and we can’t wait until they happen all the time.  Greatest Mother’s Day gift EVER.
The day after your giggles, you turned over!  Nana was working on tummy time and within a minute, you were on your back.  Just the week before, we were noticing how strong you were getting with tummy time.  You keep your neck up without much effort anymore, chest high, and you’ve looked so much more comfortable on that belly of yours.  When on your back, you’ve been rolling on your side and getting so close to flipping from back to belly.  Slow down though, my little friend.  You’re figuring things out more quickly than I ever imagined!
You’re much more aware of your surroundings and are curious about everything that’s going on.  When lying on your activity matt, you’ll grab your floating toys.  Last month you would try, but you couldn’t quite grab what you were looking at.  Your other new interest is books. You love when we read to you!  You look at the photos, listen to us read, and will often talk back.
-hearing Daddy’s voice
-bouncing on our leg
-the light on when you’re tired (you’ll suck your thumb and lay your other arm over your eyes)
-car traffic
-having to wait to feed in the morning while I change you
24 1/4 in long, 50th percentile
12.37lbs, 12th percentile
photo dump

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