5 Months Old

Penelope, you’re 5 months! What the what?!  Where has the time gone?  You are the happiest little babe and, every day, I’m so incredibly grateful that you came into our lives.  You light up our lives more than you’ll ever know.  It’s so true when people say that you will love your baby more than you ever thought was possible.  You are such a joy to be around and you make anyone that you come in contact with feel so comfortable around you.  You have incredible patience (which this new mama is eternally grateful for) and you have a shining personality that I admire so much.  Don’t ever stop being you.

You’re just such a pro at this and I’m so thankful for your love of food.  You must have gotten that from your mama!  I’m so excited to start giving you real food in a few months because I have a feeling that you’re going to enjoy it.  We have increased your milk intake during the day with your grandmothers from (2) 4-5oz bottles to (2) 6oz bottles.  You were quite happy with that adjustment.  When it’s mama’s turn to feed you, your hand is always moving around: grabbing and touching anything you can find.  If daddy is in the room while I’m feeding you, it’s hard for you to not get distracted.  You’ll sip, turn.  Sip, turn.  Sip, turn.  Ohh how you love that man.  As soon as you hear his voice, the rest of the world stops and all smiles are on him.  I don’t blame you, he’s my favorite guy too! 🙂
If sleeping were a sport, you’d be the champ.  We had one week of you waking up once or twice in the middle of the night, but then you’d feed and go back to sleep.  Teething?  Growth spurt?  Who knows!  You go to bed at around 8pm and nap every 2-3 hours (first nap though after your morning feeding takes you to around 11:30/12 though).  We no longer find you in the same spot that we left you in your crib.  You constantly rock and roll in there and spin around.  When you wake up and start playing, you love to grab your toes and rock, just like the “happy baby” yoga pose.
Play time has been so much fun with you.  You can interact with us more and can sit up with the support of something behind you.  You love to sit in your bumbo chair and play with a few toys on the tray.  You’re really enjoying putting everything you can in your mouth.  And with that, you have turned into a drool factory.  You’re definitely teething and I keep checking those gums to see if anything is poking out.  It doesn’t take much to make you smile these days.  If we leave the room and then walk back in, you give an ear to ear grin that just makes my day.  You’ve really grown to like your car seat and enjoy going out for walks.  You love to explore your new world and look around and chat about what you’re seeing.  You’re quite the observer and always watching what’s going on.  Nothing gets by you.
-touching faces
-sleeping on your side
-sitting in your bouncer and spinning the toys on it
-staring at/touching Adel
-your toes!  so intrigued by them
-missing a nap
-getting your picture taken (as soon as you see the phone, you stop smiling)
13lbs 13oz, 22nd percentile
photo dump

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