6 Months Old

I don’t even know where to start.  How are you 6 months old?!  Every month I say “this is my favorite month!”, it just keeps getting better and better!  You are so, so much fun and we love spending any moment we can with you.  You have made motherhood an absolute dream come true for me.  I can’t even imagine you not in our lives and seeing that bright, toothless smile every day.  I hope you never stop looking at me the way you do with those big blue eyes.  You just melt me, baby girl.  Especially when you reach for our faces and touch all over with the sweetest look of love and admiration.  You still have the squishiest cheeks and your soft, fuzzy baby hairs are starting to come in more and more.

Well, we started you on solids!  I wanted to wait until 6 months and then evaluate, but you have been acting like you’re SO ready: eyeing our food like crazy, reaching out for it, sitting up with little base support, and just seeming like you’re a little more hungry than usual (at night, in particular).  It was just a few days before your turned 6 months and we had to start trying.  We started off with oatmeal and you were all excited.  Once you tried it though, you weren’t quite sure what to think of it (cue the funny faces and confused look on your face).  You had a few little bites and that was about it.  We’ll start trying everyday.  It’s only time before you’re a foodie like your mama.  Can’t wait to start incorporating more foods into your diet!  You’re still drinking the same amount of milk otherwise: (2) 6oz bottles during the day, nurse right when I get home from work and then right before bed.
You have figured out how to roll onto your belly and you don’t seem to be turning back! (Um, no pun intended).  One night, I put you down in your crib for the night and you flipped onto your belly.  I went in there and flipped you back and before I could even get back out to the living room, you flipped onto your belly again.  You started screaming for a little bit and got yourself all worked up.  I went in there and fed you, and back to sleep on your back you went.  The next morning I heard you on the monitor and, low and behold, you were on your belly.  You whined, I fed you like usual, and put you down on your back.  You flipped right back onto your belly, crazy girl!  After that, you’ve never gone back.  A belly sleeper you’ve become!  It’s so adorable to see you sleeping on your belly.  Arms just lie flat out or with a thumb in your mouth and you just look so sweet and comfy.  You also love sleeping on your side *sigh.  Every time I see you sleeping, I just want to go in there and cuddle up next to you.  Sleep schedule is still about the same as last month:  wake @ 6:30am to feed, right back down to sleep until 11:30am, sleep 3:00-5ish pm, and then you’re ready for bed between 7:30 and 8pm.
It’s just so fun how much you love to play and interact!  And now that you can play on your belly, it has opened up a whole new world of fun time.  You reach for toys on your belly so it’s much easier to surround you with toys and let you amuse yourself for a bit. If you’re playing with a toy and it falls next to you, you can pick it back up on your own.  Your absolute favorite toy of all though is Adel.  Ohhh how you could stare at him for hours!  If he walks by you you start chuckling & waving your arms and if he’s within eyesight he’s all you care about.  You love your puppy, but you also have a love for all dogs.  I took you to the dog park with him and it was like Christmas morning for you!  You were squealing, smiling nonstop, and following them run around.  It was the sweetest thing to get to watch.  You also have just recently figured out how to blow bubbles from your mouth.  You think you’re the coolest (but let’s be honest, you are).  You also think it’s pretty darn cool to put your big toe in your mouth.  Not joking, you’ve done that a few times.
-the dog park/anything with dogs
-crinkle toys
-playing with stacking cups
-bumbo seat with a toy
-unfamiliar faces putting their face too close to yours
-getting ready for bed
photo dump

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