7 Months Old

Penny, I just want to bottle you up and never let you grow up.  Your little toes, gummy laughs, sweet smile, and big bear snuggles.  Your squeals of delight when we walk into the room.  Your dependency on us.   no.LIE.  I can’t wait for you to hold my hand and walk down the street with me.  I can’t wait to hear you talk back to me and for you to have an opinion on things.  I can’t wait for you to stay up past your bedtime with me and share a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie.  I can’t wait to see you make friends so that they can see just how loving and wonderful you are.  This is the battle in my head that’s constantly playing: part of me wants to stop time while the other part of me wants to speed it up so that I can get a glimpse into the beautiful person you’re developing into.  Your love of life is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen and getting to be a part of it is a dream come true.

Morning and bed time nursing has been one of my favorite things.  It’s moments like these that I never want to let go of.  You wake up to nurse in the morning at ~6am and immediately after you’re done, you just collapse into a milk coma and fall asleep on my chest.  On the contrary, at the end of you’re before bed feeding, you’re still awake at the end.  Sometimes you’ll let out a few cries or bob your head around or try to pull on my hair.  But at some point, you tilt your head to the side, find your thumb, and all is wonderful again.  I will never forget these snuggles.  Sometimes I can’t help but to hold onto you for longer than you need before I put you down for bed.
You’re gobbling up food purées like a champ.  Carrots, apples, peas: you love ’em all.  You’re getting 2 “meals” every day (once in the morning and then again at night).
You get 3 naps in during the day.  Wake up @ 6am to feed and then sleep until around 9:30am.  Another nap at around 11am for about an hour.  Final nap at around 3pm-5:30pm.
You have turned into quite the little chatterbox, Miss Penny!  You like to repeat short sounds and I just love hearing that sweet little voice.  Nothing better than coming home to you at the end of the day and hearing those little noises.  You’re the best at giving big smiles and squeals as soon as you see us.
And girrrrl, you’re sitting up on your own now!  You were practicing in your little bumbo seat for a few months and now you’re off, sitting up tall and pretty on your own.  So proud of you.  You still teeter every now and then, but you got this!
Oh, and why stop there?  Well, after about a week of that, you’ve moved on to bigger things.  You’ll grab my hands and stand!  You give a huge smile once you’re standing and you look pretty gosh darn proud of yourself.  As you should be!  You’re holding yourself up really well with those little chunky legs.  Seeing you standing up in front of me…?  mind.blown.  Seriously though, wasn’t it just yesterday afternoon that I pushed a helpless little newborn out into this world?  Gah!
You’re also now sitting in the stroller without the car seat and LOVING it.
-Splashing in the tub and getting water sprayed in your face
-Flying through the air
-Grabbing hair
-Fiddling with little tags back and forth with your fingers
-Getting changed to go to bed at night
photo dump

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