Welcome!  I’m Chantel, so glad you stopped by!  I have an unhealthy love for all food, overly daunting DIY projects, a clean home, organization, stalking blogs, family, and photography*.  A Sweet Little Life started as my passion for these things grows along with my desire to share them with others and bounce around ideas.

The backbone behind everything I do is my husband, Anthony.  We got married in the Spring 2013 and my world wouldn’t go round without that stud.  He loves all things sports, beer, writing, being my foodie co-pilot, and listening to me tell long stories.  I admire so many things about that man; I could go on for hours.  I’ll stop right there though, you’ll hear more about him along the way.

Mud much?

Adel (think Edelweiss, not the singer) joined our family in 2010 and is the sweetest little white-haired shedder you’ll ever meet.  His greeting is a mile long smile and glass breaking tail wag or yoga pose (come meet him, you’ll know what I mean) and bugs that he finds on the floor are his best friends.

I hope you’ll stick around for a while, visit me often, and share your thoughts!  I can’t wait to share our journey and love for this Sweet Little Life!



*I’m what you’d call a total amateur with photography.  I still google aperture and I have books and articles up the wa-zoo that I want to read to help guide me through my new Nikon D3100.  Feel free to give me an e-high five if I get some good shots and I always welcome any tips!


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